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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elf Beard

For a thoughtful discussion of elves with beards try this

Instead of a thoughtful discussion I'll give you a list of why Elves don't cut their beards off:
  1. Doing so reduces their fighting ability to that of a magic user of the same level.
  2. Doing so eliminates their ability to cast spells.
  3. Little know fact: it's actually the beard that makes them resistant to ghoul attacks.
  4. As above, but sleep and charm spells.
  5. In addition to reaching 9th level, an Elf must have a beard in order to establish a stronghold .
  6. Because they're trying to pass themselves off as dwarves.
Elf PCs roll a D6, and disregard the result if they're lady-elves.


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  2. PS The treasure table article you were looking for sounds like this one.