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Saturday, December 3, 2011


I got to play a dwarf today who's chief weapon/dungeon exploration implement was a shovel.  I really think that shovels are going to be the weapon/dungeon exploration implement of the future. 
Sooner or later I suppose the DM will get sick of it and say the shovel breaks, then I'll have to hire a shovel-bearer to carry my PCs extra shovels.  Seriously, if I were in a dungeon there are way more situations that I would want to have a shovel than a sword.

Welcome to humber-grognard, h.r., karnak, and cygnus!

Here's D4 potions:

1. Occu-tonic: 
Eyes sprout out of the palms of the imbibing character's hands.  These eyes can see invisible and have infravision.

2. Tonic of tongues:
a mouth sprouts of the palm of the imbibing character's right hand.  The character is able to comprehend languages, and the hand-mouth can speak any language.  There is a 1:6 chance that the mouth does not say exactly what the character wants to say each time it speaks.

3.Oracular Somnambulation:
The imbibing character imediately falls asleep and begins to sleep-walk.  He/she will walk in the shortest route possible to the nearest secret door and attempt to enter.  While sleep-walking the character cannot fight and will be automatically hit if attacked.  If the character crosses the threshold of a secret door he/she wakes up.

4. Basilisk Blood Brew:
The imbiber's skin turns green and scaly for the duration of the potion, and he/she is immune to turn to stone effects.  At the end of the potion's duration the clothes and/or armor of the character turn to dust.

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