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-Mervyn Peake

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-Sir Bedevere in Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Moebius Stones take many forms and their origin is a mystery.  They sometimes appear as normal stones, or crystals, sometimes as hyporborean blue geodes.  

Sometimes they float in the air.

animated GIF

Moebius Stones have the following known uses for Magic-Users:

  1. Eliminate the 2000 GP cost for 20% chance of success of researching spells. Instead the Player writes down the intent of the new spell, then the M-U spends 2d6 days alone in the desert. DM rolls d% to determine chance of success. Player rolls d%. If player rolls equal or over DM the spell is created. If the Player rolls under the DM a spell is created, but it is not what the player intended and it is sentient.
  2. When casting any spell the Magic-User can hold a Moebius Stone to change the duration of the spell to d12 months.  Using a Moebius Stone in this way may have unpredicted effects.
  3. When casting any spell the Magic-User can hold a Moebius Stone to delay the effect and target of the spell until a certain trigger occurs. The trigger must be stated by the Magic-User PC. A trigger might be, for example: “when anyone enters this room without first saying “Flargaenout” The delayed spell will last for d100 years, after which a Wandering Monster of the same level as the spell will be attracted to or mystically summoned to the area.

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