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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I haven't done a .pdf post for a while, so here you go:


It's great if you have treasure maps prepped, who doesn't like a good prop?  But, if you don't have anything prepped then you're up the creek without a... treasure map.  I think it's weird that I've never come across anything like this before. 

My goal with this was to make something that allows a DM to roll up a treasure map on the fly in-game, something easier and meatier/more evocative than the 1e DMG.  The DMG has a pretty good system for generating random treasure maps (of course, it has random charts for everything).  One divergence I made from the DMG regards clues to the nature of the treasure.  It explicitly states in bold even, that there is never any indication as to the nature of the treasure.  That seems silly to me, so I included charts to give the DM and the players (since they are learning about this together/at the same time) some indication of the Treasure and its Guardian.  It's kind of a lot of rolling, but I think you could roll things as the PCs studied the map.  I have not used this in play yet!


  1. Nice work. I've always felt that treasure maps were underutilized.

  2. Apparently, the link to the right doesn't work either.